教育经验: 5年多

教育:Translator for the English language, language and literature teacher         

证书:TEFL CERTIFICATE, ECDL Core certificate

知识范围:well experienced in private business and NGO sector. Great fan of reading, writing and classical music; collecting books and audio disks; bicycle riding, fast paste hiking, and swimming are my favorite activities; also interested in cinematography, theatre, and visual arts.

My experience is extensive and my interests are wide. Regarding my proficiency, I have graduated from one of the most famous language dedicated schools in Europe and from the University of Philosophy, language department. Moreover, I am also an internationally recognized English language teacher with TEFL Cambridge certificate. I have been conducting online English language classes for more than for years now, so I know the ropes. I know that students learn in a variety of ways, that the method that works for one student—or even most of the students, will not work for everyone. I always try to identify each student`s learning style and tailor my approach accordingly. I recognize that communicating with students is not a one-way street; I am a good listener, I always have open-ended discussions, and encourage my students with thought-provoking questions. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. See you soon!

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