Matteo Cappelletti

教育经验: 4年

教育:  Istituto Europeo di Design (IED Milan) Italy's top-level school for Fashion and Design, Graphic Design

Chinese language and culture

Major in Electric bass (1997-2000) Acoustic upright bass (2000-2001)


知识范围:Graphic designer and pre-press operator. Tour and studio musician (electric and upright bass player). Private music teacher (electric bass, music theory).


Hello everyone, I’m Matt, very nice to meet you!

I love to create a study path based on the student’s need, cause everybody is different and has different motivations to learn a language!

I love communication and making my students able to express themselves; I think the most beautiful thing about a foreign language is to exchange ideas and learn about new cultures.

I’ve been studying English since a very young age, both in my country and in the UK and Ireland.

Besides English, I have a good knowledge of romance languages (Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) and I speak basic Chinese.

I have a bachelor degree and a TEFL certificate and most of all, I’m ready to guide you in your learning experience.

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