教育经验: 14年




Hello! My name is Nory. I have a degree in Accounting and.. I also have a degree in Law. And I'm a TEFL/TESOL - certified English teacher with about 14 years of experience in teaching English to a wide variety of language learners including Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Mongolians, Russians, Turks, and Taiwanese. And.. in my previous online teaching employment, I was recognized as the Best Teacher of the Season for having garnered the highest performance evaluation during the recognition day. I was also in charge of training the new recruits before they started teaching.


I would say that 14 years has made it possible for me to gain the expertise to identify the major problem areas in the communication of English language learners. I was also able to gain knowledge and understanding of their culture and society which led me to know better why they have difficulty expressing themselves naturally in English.


I am here to help you with English.


Allow me to be your partner in your quest for success in the global business environment by helping you develop and enhance your English communication skills.


Welcome to my class!

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